Watt will be the first decentralized storage network used in everyone’s daily life, marking a big step forward in adopting blockchain and distributed storage all over the world.

Our mission

Watt network will build a distributed storage intelligent contract platform that ordinary people can use, which is safe and easy to operate.

Our vision

With the promotion of watt network (the most widely used decentralized storage network in the world), we will establish the most inclusive decentralized storage market in the world.

Our future

The information of all human beings can be saved and recorded through the watt network, which is absolutely safe.


Watt network integrates the most advanced decentralized storage technology, and integrates the most advanced decentralized storage technology of smart phone system.

1. Decentralized storage network,Watt provides an abstraction of a network of independent service providers providing storage and retrieval services. Then, Watt proposed the watt protocol as an incentive, auditable and verifiable DSN construction.

2. New storage proof,Watt proposes two new storage proof schemes: “proof of replication” allows storage providers to prove that data has been copied to their own unique physical storage device.

3. Watt Market,Watt models storage requests and retrieval requirements as two decentralized verifiable market orders operated by the watt network. The verification market ensures that payment can be made when a service is properly provided.

4. Proof of work,Watt shows how to build an effective workload proof based on “spatiotemporal proof” to apply to consensus protocol. Miners don’t need to spend unnecessary calculations to mine, but on the contrary, they have to store data in the network.

Watt network economic model Economic model

Watt network, which establishes an economic model suitable for long-term development, pursues the idea of labor gaining wealth.

Watt blockchain

  • The blockchain records the data storage location of the whole network, the storage space contributed by a miner and the transaction records of the whole network.

Storage market

  • Users submit their own data, miners accept the user’s data, store the user’s data in their own storage space, and receive the fees paid by users.

The economic system of Watt

  • The economic system is a deflationary model, similar to bitcoin, which has a certain collection value. Watt’s storage market and polar retrieval market are similar to a fully competitive market economy system.

Document retrieval Market

  • Users submit their own data download needs, miners send data to users after receiving orders, and get the fees paid by users.

The WATT App Apps

Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, you can mange every thing. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can partici pate in global marketplace.

In the early stage of watt network, we recruited users around the world to participate in the project. It is estimated that six billion watts will be given to the participants free of charge and will be obtained by downloading and running the watt app.

  • Free mining
  • Daily login reward
  • Blind box
  • Share reward Watt
  • Join the community

Learn more about watt network thorough

Users all over the world are welcome to learn more about the watt network. At present, it supports up to six national languages

English white paper


Chinese white paper


Japanese white paper


Korean white paper


French White paper


German white paper



stage 1 no more than 6 billion SCP consensus mining

The mobile APP is launched to conduct SCP mining based on network user growth plan and consensus aggregation, expand the consensus basis of mobile decentralized storage, and carry out main network development. The SCP star consensus algorithm is used for mining, and the SCP consensus mining is stopped when the mining reaches the test stage of main network or more than or equal to 6 billion.

Stage 2 - Test net

Before we start the main network, Watt's Node software will be deployed on a test network. The test network will use the same trust graph as the main network, and when the community feels it is ready, Watt will migrate to the next stage, where Watt will conduct decentralized mining tests using spatiotemporal proof to enable everyone to participate in the decentralized storage

Stage 3 - Start the main network

After the test is completed, the main network will fully started, the distribution system in stage 1 and the WATT network simulator will be shut down, and the system will run independently forever. Future updates to the protocol will be provided by the Watt developer community and the core team of Watt, and will be proposed by the Committee. Their implementation and deployment will depend on node update mining software just like any other blockchain. There will be no central authority to control the currency, it will be completely distributed, and at this stage, Watt will land on exchanges and trade with other currencies.

Contact WATT team CONTACT

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Social Email:wattnetwork@outlook.com

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